President’s Message Fall 2022

Oct 31, 2022 | President's Message

Long website address- yes, but a very important one which every Thrift Store should be aware of. On this website are the Health Canada rules and regulations to selling a number of items. There are items on this list that we should not be selling in our Thrift Stores and there are items on this list that should only be sold if you meet the requirements.

” If you manufacture, import into Canada, advertise or sell consumer products, you are responsible for being familiar with the applicable requirements set out in the regulations.”

Some items that are regulated:

  • Cosmetics
  • Children’s sleepwear
  • cradles/cribs/bassinets
  • playpens, safety gates, toyboxes
  • Car and booster seats, carriages, strollers
  • corded window coverings

Highchairs are allowed to be sold if they meet the current requirements ASTM F404 Standard Consumer Safety Specification.

How many of us are up on those requirements?

If you sell these items in your store you are taking on a high liability risk which could result in fines from the Government of Canada or even worse, facing a lawsuit if someone is injured by a product purchased in your store. If you own your building and carry separate insurance, we strongly suggest you contact them to see if you are covered as more and more insurance companies will not issue coverage if you are selling items regulated by Health Canada.

BCAHA takes a “better safe, than sorry” approach to not selling these items as we are not expert in this field and have no idea if a product has been recalled or if there are any safety features missing from an item and in most cases we do not get the manual that comes with new retail items, outlining the safety features. We understand that most of our members are aware and follow these guidelines but we have noticed on Facebook that some auxiliaries are still choosing to sell some of these items. You should have a copy of the rules in your store, front and center so anyone can check an item as it comes into your donation area.

If you are unsure, do not sell it and do not give it away ”

Diane Thornton





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